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Middle East cyberwar hits Israeli banks, stock exchange & airline

C|NET News

Middle East cyberwar hits Israeli banks, stock exchange & airline

~Cyberwar broke out~

Hackers in Israel and other Middle Eastern countries are in the middle of a cyberwar that has led to disruptions of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, several Israeli banks, and an airline. As a result, some Israeli banks have blocked or are threatening to block international access to their sites to avoid attack

Hackers identifying themselves as “Israel Defense Forces” threatened in a Pastebin post to attack three Arab Emirate banks, two government sites, Saudi Airlines, and an airport site today, but the sites were accessible midday. However, other sites were inaccessible, including sama.gov.sa in Saudi Arabia.

To avoid further attacks, Fibi and Israel’s Discount Bank had blocked international access to their sites, and other banks were considering it, reported Israeli news Web site Ynet. However, the two bank sites were accessible from the U.S. today. Meanwhile, the Israeli Bank was blocking Internet Protocol addresses from Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Algeria only, The Next Web reported.

Sources from: C|Net, Y|Net, The Next Web


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