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MS-SQL Worm propagation attempt

Kaspersky has been actively detected such attempt. It’s being reported 31 complaints about this ip address in this attempt. Most of the ip is from china:

IP Address:
IP Address Country: China (CN)
IP Address Region: 22 Beijing
IP Address City: Beijing
IP Postal Code
IP Address Area Code 0
IP Metro Code 0
IP Address Latitude: 39.9289016724
IP Address Longitude: 116.388298035
IP Address ISP: CHINANET hebei province network
Organisation: CHINANET hebei province network
IP Address Proxy:
IP Address Host:

~Network attacks are detected by Kaspersky Lab”

Base on the attempt, it is clarify as worms propagation with intrusion.win.mssql.worm.helkern. For information, the misbehaving of an intrusion could leads to engaging in spam, brute-force, DOS attacks, phishing or other fraud.

~~Reported there’s few more ip is performing same attempt~~

Beware of the attempt and make sure antivirus is up-to-date and performing a full scan to avoid any hidden trojan or worms are running at the back-end.


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