“There is no delight in owning anything unshared.”

Facebook is not a diary

“Guess she’s better than me. … plus my cat just died and I’m eating dinner alone, again!! “

You see the status messages every day, the passive-aggressive updates that no one is supposed to understand but everyone does to some degree because the three before supply you with viable context clues.Hell, most of us are guilty of this to some degree. It’s easy to forget that the thoughts you share on a social network are available to hundreds of your “friends” or followers to dissect. It’s a lot easier to type our feelings than verbalize them.

1. Just went from ‘divorced’ to ‘single.’ Guess I wasn’t the best husband. Hope to learn from my mistakes.”

What are you thinking about? This is not the type of thing you announce on social media. What are we supposed to say? Are we supposed to “like” this? What comments are you looking for? We hope you remember that all your friends/followers – including co-workers – will be gossiping about you immediately. Maybe even approaching you to see if you’re OK. You’re purposely begging for attention, aren’t you?

2. “Not sure why we stopping being close. Missing you and crying.”

Pathetic. If you really want to get your message across to one person (and you really shouldn’t have to beg), just send a text or call them.

3. “Wife/gf and I just had a fight about her communicating with her college boyfriend. I say it’s not cool. Am I right?”

Discussing your relationship issues with your most trusted confidants is OK. But I doubt you have hundreds of confidants. If you’re having issues and you need to vent, talk to a good friend. But keep the details away from the masses.

4. ‘In a relationship.’ ‘Single.’ ‘In an open relationship.’

If you’re changing you relationship status every other week, it says something about you. You’re probably unstable, or at least that’s what most of your Facebook friends think. Unless you’re engaged, it would probably be best to just leave it off.

Private things should stay private. Get a journal, call a friend or go to therapy, but please stay away from the Internet. Your social network will thank you.

why there is a need to update your status and your privacy in the public every minutes? You’re purposely begging for attention, aren’t you?

~~Please remember, social media is not a diary~~


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