“There is no delight in owning anything unshared.”

EC Council Academy Part II

In May 14- 18 2012, de sheep was attending another courses offered by EC Council Academy (ECSA) – Certified Security Analyst, with the road to Penetration Testing which trying to achieve L|PT from EC Council.

From the standard set by EC Council, CEH + ECSA could be granted the L|PT license provided with terms and conditions apply.

After attending the 2 courses which covered more on attacking and analysis, i would said it still back to the fundamentals of how well do you understand  an operating system,  knowledge of networking and network protocols. The course represent very well in terms of knowledge in ethical hacking, tools and infosec information, but the small pieces of understand on each and every aspect of the internet and how the process goes is still play a major role. Let’s start with a very basic part with TCP/IP ,differences of  TCP and UDP, routing:describe how a packet gets from one place to another, ARP, DNS, DHCP and many more….

To make things work, you must have the desire and drive to learn new stuff, willing to interact and share knowledge with like minded professionals and other smart people and the curiosity on “how does it works”???

In short , if you don’t even know how the process works or exists, how can you violate or manipulate a process…

As a matter of fact you must have the willingness in putting your own time (which are not getting paid) in researching and stay up to date. I do this strictly because I love what I am doing and also enjoy the excitement of sharing with what I have learned with people who actually care to listen and are interested in the same….

~Welcome to the world of INFOSEC~


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